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CARIBOU (Rangifer tarandus) Large Mammal Photo Reference Study

CARIBOU (Rangifer tarandus) Large Mammal Photo Reference Study

Prepared and written by Larry Blomquist

Author: Administrator Account/Saturday, March 21, 2020/Categories: Articles - All, Articles - Home Page, Winter 2020 Issue 136

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During my 32 years as a full-time commercial taxidermist I had a lot of fondness with a little disdain for caribous when they were received from customers. They are unique and beautiful animals with lustrous thick hair coats and great color along with attractive antlers for a trophy room. Their facial features were about as easy to replicate as any gamehead you could receive, the ears are heavily haired yet much like those of whitetails, there is no nose pad to re-texture, and the eyes have somewhat bold, not refined details that are easy to shape with minimal effort. Finally, the nostril openings are narrow with lots of hair, making them very easy to finish. The lips, both upper and lower, are fairly prominent with texture, but easy to position and shape. There are a lot of forms available so there is seldom need for size or position alteration. With these features considered, caribous are easy and fun gameheads to mount.

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